This is it! It is time to register for the card that will ensure your safety whilst traveling to and from work, and will make you one of the elite that Production Companies, Agents, Armourers, and Car Providers ask for.

Please read the following carefully and follow the steps set out.

1. Download and print the following from this site:

The links below includes application form for the Uniform Register:-

Application forms for FAA/BECTU (fill in if you are not a member & donít fill it in if you are):-

Download Forms Here




Download Adobe Reader to View & Print PDF Files

2. Please read and fill in all forms applicable to you and sign.

3. Scan and upload by email :-

The forms you have filled in and signed,

A passport photo (this must ONLY be a passport style photo 35mm x 45mm against a white background for more info;-http://www.kodakexpresscamden.com/Passport-UK.html)

A chit that is at least 18 months old ie; September 2010 or older showing that you have worked on set in Uniform (all chits have provision for the Artiste to receive an extra payment for providing their own Uniform)

Email all the above to:- posar@btinternet.com


Thatís it!

You will get your Card through the post in a matter of days, along with a BECTU lanyard, card holder up to date rate card and FAA Agreement book.




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